“I’d be unstoppable, if only I could get started.”

Shar Pei puppy
Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/adrnathms/shar-pei/

I once bought a poster with this statement on it for my father, not because of what it said, but because of the photo on it: a cute, little Shar Pei puppy — or, as I called it at the time, a “wrinkle puppy”.

You see, for as long as I can remember, my father had wrinkles on his forehead and I was fascinated by them. Whenever he raised his eyebrows, the skin would fold and the lines would become pronounced and I would look at him, fascinated. Sometimes I would trace his wrinkles with my fingers, and often I would compare him to a wrinkle puppy. He would just grin, perhaps a little bewildered as to why anyone would be fascinated with his forehead.

So when I saw that poster, I knew I had to buy it for him. It didn’t matter that it was pink. It didn’t matter that he was neither a collector of posters nor of puppy chachkies. All that mattered was that it was our thing, our habit, our joke. And he proudly displayed it … in the garage.

Writing this blog has been a goal of mine for a very long time, but I have put it off for a myriad of reasons. Today, however, I’m embracing the saying on that poster and, now that I’ve started, I hope to be unstoppable.